It is with great pleasure that I pen my first column for Corrections News; an important publication showcasing the excellent work occurring across Queensland thanks to our valued and committed staff State-wide.

Since being appointed as Commissioner, I have traveled extensively across Queensland and met many of you working within our great organisation. I wish to thank each of you once again for your warm welcome, and for your hard work, which contributes daily to the safety of Queenslanders.

While continuing to deliver our important work, we have taken the time to pause and celebrate our significant contribution to keeping Queensland safe.

On 26 January, we paid special tribute to two of our colleagues, Mr Leslie Elliott and Ms Ursula Roeder, who were announced as recipients of the inaugural award of the Australian Corrections Medal.

We celebrated National Corrections Day on 19 January, acknowledging the remarkable work of our staff across Queensland, and this issue is dedicated to showcasing a cross-section of our officers who protect the community every day.

Wednesday 21 February marked 100 days since I started in my role. I took this opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved, and where we are going as a newly formed department in our own right. It has been 100 days of unprecedented change and growth, and we are undertaking a structural review to ensure we are ready for future challenges.

I’d like to thank those of you who took the time to have your say in the recent staff survey. You understand our business better than anyone, and your feedback will be important in guiding the organisation-wide 10 year strategic plan which will form the blueprint for our future.

Please enjoy the March edition of Corrections News.
Peter Martin APM
Queensland Corrective Services