Dog Handler, Kerry Hausmann has been working in corrections for over 40 years. “Back when I started in 1976, it was under the cadet system. At 17 years old, I thought it was a good way to learn the basics,” he says.

Kerry spent 13 years at Boggo Road Gaol and when it closed, he transferred to Lotus Glen Correctional Centre near Mareeba. “I got into the Dog Squad at Lotus Glen and came back to Brisbane to work at the old Moreton prison until Woodford opened in ’97,” he says.

When asked about his favourite part of the job, Kerry has no hesitation. “Having been a handler for the past 25 years, obviously it’s about working with the dogs. Each dog is a bit different – you’ve got to use the same basic training, but you vary it a little bit to adapt to their personalities and there’s a challenge in that.”