Pictured: General Manager, Peter Henderson, Executive Director, Studies, TAFE Queensland South West, Jenni Butler and state Member for Ipswich West, Jim Madden MP at the first TAFE graduation at BTCC.

Meaningful earning and learning opportunities are growing as new prisoner industries and training come online at Borallon Training and Correctional Centre (BTCC). Positive change through education, training and employment is a key objective for BTCC.

Since opening earlier this year, partnering with external organisations has become a key component in delivering training and education services as part of rehabilitating offenders. One of the most visible aspects of these partnerships is the on-site TAFE Queensland precinct at BTCC.

Sean Eveleigh is the Manager for employment, education and industries at BTCC.

“Borallon is an opportunity to be part of a change in how we deal with prisoners. I oversee the centre’s employment, training, education and industries and this allows for me to have an holistic approach when it comes to running courses within these areas,” says Sean.

His role differs from Industries Managers at other centres, as he is also responsible for the operations of the kitchen, bulk stores, laundry and landscaping.

“In 2010, I was successful in becoming the Industries Supervisor at the original Borallon Correctional Centre, overseeing industries including nine Trade Instructors and upwards of 100 prisoners each day,” he says.

“In late 2011, we were informed that Borallon was due to close and I was given the role of acting Industries Manager for the centre decommissioning.

“I spent the following five years working at Southern Queensland Correctional Centre before applying to come back to Borallon Training and Correctional Centre for its reopening.

“Being able to give an opportunity to someone who has never been offered one would be what I like most about my role,” says Sean.

Industries at BTCC allow external companies to run their own operations within the centre. Prisoners have the opportunity to gain employment while they are at BTCC, and as part of the model that is unique to the centre, these roles have been designed for prisoners to continue in their employment upon release.

The TAFE at BTCC runs throughout the whole year. Since the TAFE started operations in late June, 72 prisoners have graduated from a range of courses including automotive, engineering, construction, cleaning operations, horticulture and kitchen operations.

Sean Eveleigh is the Manager for employment, education and industries at BTCC.