by Palen Creek Correctional Centre Work Program Coordinator, Kayleen Richter

The Palen Creek Correctional Centre (PCCC) held a combined work camp Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting on August 30 at the Mitchell Work Camp.  Members within each of the communities serviced by the work camps, as well as Council members from the Murweh, Maranoa and Balonne Shire and Regional Councils met with representatives from the PCCC Work Program, including General Manager, Peter Henderson, Deputy General Manager, Lex Buchanan, Work Program Coordinator, Kayleen Richter, and Acting Field Supervisor, Paul de Beus.

The aim of the combined meeting was to provide CAC members with the opportunity to interact with each other, as well as QCS staff and share their vast knowledge and work camp experiences over many years.  In addition to this, the meeting was intended to provide valuable insight into the services and activities that each individual work camp delivers to the community, and their capabilities for broadening and expanding their services.

Representatives from each CAC conducted presentations on their respective work camps, including previously completed projects as well as projects that have been planned for the future. The CAC members were unanimous in their praise and appreciation for the work camps, particularly in expressing that many local events would not continue without the valuable service from the work camps.

At the end of a very successful day it was concluded by all in attendance that the PCCC combined work camp CAC meeting was extremely productive, providing valuable insight into how each individual work camp operates as well as a further understanding of the Work Program itself.  The CAC members voted unanimously to hold a similar meeting in a further twelve months.

The work camp prisoners were present on the day and provided catering for the event.