Katee Shields and Steve Aufata are currently completing the Custodial Officer Entry Program at the Academy. We sat down with them at the end of week four of the 10 week course to hear about their experiences so far.

At this stage of the course, the trainees have participated in centre inductions and safety procedures, including control and restraint training and verbalisation and defence techniques, before their centre placements in the next week.
“I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I’m keen to get out there and I’m happy that I chose corrections,” Katee says.

“It’s an honour and a privilege to be selected as one of the candidates to be a custodial officer,” says Steve. “We want to make sure that we’re doing Queensland proud with regards to keeping the community safe,” he continues.

When asked about their career goals, Steve is hoping to pursue management, while Katee has a strong interest in intelligence.

“There are so many different directions we can take. You can see yourself being here for a long time because you can adapt your career to make your own path,” says Katee.

Katee will be heading to Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre at the end of the course, while Steve will be taking up a position at Wolston Correctional Centre.