Senior Training Officers Bret Sammut and Chantelle Clarke coordinate training for probation and parole staff across the state.

“I’ve always found criminology and human behaviour in general to be extremely interesting and corrections merge these two areas really well. It’s not common to find a job that provides such a good balance between protecting the community, and helping people make some really positive changes in their lives,” explains Bret.

Staff development is a key focus of an average day for Bret and Chantelle.

“I really enjoy the diversity of the work and being able to develop new staff who commence with QCS. I feel our role is important in giving staff the skills and knowledge to confidently and effectively do their job whilst being able to learn from each other in a supportive environment,” says Chantelle.

“Providing someone with technical skills to do their job is important, but for me, having a fundamental understanding of genuine conversations, considering where someone is coming from and believing in change is crucial to good case management,” adds Bret.

Bret and Chantelle enjoy being a part of the Academy team.

“My favourite part of working as part of the Academy team is the enthusiasm of all the staff who either have direct involvement in the training of staff or who are actively involved in the behind-the-scenes work required to make a course happen,” says Chantelle.