by Marcus McIvor, Correctional Supervisor, Brisbane Correctional Centre

Towards the end of last year, a contingent of staff from Brisbane Correctional Centre (BCC) and their family members entered a mixed touch football side to play in the 2015 Queensland Police Games, following an invitation from the Queensland Police Sporting Association (QPSA).

The first game in the draw came in the form of the Logan Central Police Station team with the BCC team stamping an early authority on the competition and a 10 – 1 victory. The celebration from the initial high scoring game was short lived as the draw had BCC playing back to back games with no break.

Fresh (or more like ‘panting and overheated’) from the victory over Logan Central Police Station, the BCC team headed to the next field for the second game against Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre. As the only other QCS team in the competition, this game invoked a fierce rivalry from the tap off. After a lot of chatter from both sides and only one forced substitution, the eventual score was 6 – 2 to BCC.

The third game for BCC’s now tired and hot team was played against the ladies’ representative team Hell’s Bells, and was the lowest scoring yet fastest running of all the rounds. While the game was only a trial match for the representative team, they didn’t hold back and ran BCC end to end of the field in an impressive display of skill and structure. Not to be easily outdone, BCC defended solidly and only narrowly lost the game 3 – 2 to the Hell’s Bells.

Having played the three allocated games and convincingly beaten the mixed teams in the draw, BCC qualified for the final and competed for a gold medal. The opponents for the final hailed from Springwood Police Station and the BCC team managed to hold out the onslaught, working hard in defence and receiving the ball back in return. The final touchdown of the day saw BCC winning the gold medal with a score of 6 – 5.

The 16th Australasian Police and Emergency Services Games are to be held on the Sunshine Coast from 8 – 15 October 2016. All QCS staff are invited to participate. Information on the 50+ sports being offered can be found at www.apandesgames.com.au.