The Operational Assurance Unit was established in Specialist Operations in late 2014.

Since this time, the team has developed a Specialist Operations Operational Assurance Framework, which applies broadly across each business unit. The framework has been designed to formalise the arrangements and practices which enable Specialist Operations to set its direction, manage its operations to achieve expected outcomes, proactively monitor and respond to risks, and identify and capitalise on opportunities to improve practice.

The Operational Assurance Unit has also been focused on developing internal mechanisms which contribute to the ongoing monitoring, review and evaluation of performance across Specialist Operations.

This work commenced with Sentence Management Services in early 2015 and has continued with the High Risk Offender Management Unit in more recent times.

Future work will also see a focus on reviewing and establishing arrangements across the remaining business units within Specialist Operations, including the Parole Board Secretariat, Victims Register, Investigation and Intelligence Branch and Offender Rehabilitation and Management Services.