Desistance from offending is at the heart of the work completed by Offender Rehabilitation and Management Services (ORMS). Many staff in ORMS have come from the front line of QCS through correctional centres and the probation and parole service, bringing with them considerable expertise and experience which they use to develop and improve practices.

ORMS is a diverse and interesting unit, playing a lead role in the provision of offender rehabilitation and management across offender assessment, education, offender programs, psychological services, offender services and re-entry.

ORMS is responsible for developing and monitoring frameworks, systems and procedures for the management and rehabilitation of offenders including assessment and suicide prevention. The branch also provides advice and support to field staff, other government agencies and service providers to ensure high risk and/or complex needs offenders are appropriately managed.

In addition, the coordination of performance monitoring and evaluating rehabilitation services across the state, as well as the development of programs and services is managed by ORMS.