The Parole Boards’ Secretariat provides administrative support to the parole boards operating within Queensland.

Secretariat offices are located in Brisbane and Townsville and provide support to the Queensland Parole Board, Southern Queensland Regional Parole Board, and the Central and Northern Queensland Regional Parole Board. During the 2014-15 financial year, the parole boards considered a total of 20,071 matters.

Staff within both secretariat offices ensure all matters are processed for consideration by the boards and correspondence is prepared for prisoners, correctional centres, probation and parole and nominated legal representatives in a timely manner.

There are currently 25 staff members working between both the Townsville and Brisbane offices.

A Nominated Public Service Officer (NPSO) is appointed by the Commissioner to each parole board and provides information to the board on the operations of QCS, particularly regarding prisoner issues and offender programs. The NPSO is the liaison between the parole board and QCS and actively ensures all relevant information is available to the board to allow for sound and timely decision making.

The Victims Register provides information to registered persons on the status of their prisoner of interest.

The team conducts proximity searches for the Probation and Parole Service for the purpose of home assessments and interstate travel or transfer requests.

Another significant responsibility of the Victims Register involves liaising with internal and external stakeholders such as Victims Assist Queensland, the Department of Public Prosecutions, and interstate Victims Registers, as well as participating in national events, such as Homicide Awareness Day.