The Intelligence and Investigations Branch (IIB) consists of the Queensland Corrective Services Intelligence Group (QCSIG) and the Corrective Services Investigation Unit (CSIU). IIB promotes safety and security throughout all QCS operations through the provision of timely and efficient intelligence and investigations.

In addition to the development and coordination of QCS intelligence resources, QCSIG is responsible for the central intelligence function of QCS and the delivery of relevant strategic, tactical and operational intelligence products.

The CSIU provides a state-wide investigative response to crime within correctional facilities. The CSIU operates a Drug Desk to proactively target and combat the introduction of drugs into correctional facilities and an Escape Desk which coordinates police investigations into locating Queensland escapees and parole absconders. Policing assistance in the management of high risk community supervised offenders is also provided by the CSIU.

QCSIG is predominately staffed by QCS staff members supported by two seconded Queensland Police Service (QPS) sworn police intelligence officers. The CSIU is fully staffed by QPS sworn police investigators.

Detective Dave Caruana of the CSIU examining drugs seized during an attempted introduction to a correctional centre.


Prisoners are constantly developing new methods to introduce illicit substances into correctional centres. To combat drug use, the CSIU adopts a collaborative approach involving law enforcement, QCS and the local community in order to identify problems and concerns, gather intelligence and undertake enforcement action.