Townsville Correctional Complex General Manager, Jon Francis-Jones


Julia Creek Work Camp officers and prisoners have assisted in restoring a vital transport link to Western Queensland after a train transporting approximately 819,000 litres of sulphuric acid derailed near the town late last year. The closure of the rail line impacted on the ability to transport food, materials and other important resources to and from western Queensland towns, causing a serious disruption.

The closure of the Flinders Highway in several places due to flooding also hampered efforts to get cleanup crews to the area and the work camp stepped in to assist as possible.

On top of the work carried out in assisting with the clean-up, prisoners contributed to the construction of two temporary roads to access the site to enable Queensland Rail to move machinery in to clean up the derailment.

On April 21, Townsville Correctional Complex General Manager, Jon Francis-Jones accepted Divisional Excellence Awards on behalf of Julia Creek Work Camp in recognition for the leadership and work with other agencies undertaken with the Julia Creek train derailment recovery. “This is a fantastic illustration of the good work that is being done by prisoners within our care, for communities,” said Jon.

Prisoners assist with the clean-up after the train derailment