By QCS Organisational Excellence Team

High performance is about strong leadership, harnessing opportunities for continuous improvement and engaging with staff and stakeholders to shape service delivery. This was a key message for the QCS Organisational Excellence Project Team when they gathered for a presentation by Rosalba Rivis, Principal Coordinator for Shaping Corrections, South Australia, earlier this month.

The project team, comprised of representatives from each QCS business unit, heard how the South Australian government established a best practice framework to assess organisational performance, check alignment with whole of government strategy and engage staff in building a high performing workplace culture.

Between now and May 2016, QCS will take a similar approach to examining our performance framework. The aim is to ensure we have all the characteristics of a high performing organisation such as good leadership; clear values; innovation; effective use of knowledge and information; customer and citizen focus; accountability; and focus on results. The project will identify new opportunities to deliver better performance information and provide an evidence base for future decision making.

Vanessa Nielsen, Project Manager, said “We have commenced operational focus groups and will continue seeking staff input until December 2015. There is an inspiring sense of purpose and commitment within the organisation and it will be a real pleasure to identify new ways to recognise and reward high performance.”